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Organ Donation


1. Are you aware that organs can be donated to save a life of another person?
2. Can organ donation take place at any age?
3. When can organs be donated?
4. Can organ donation take place if the donor has a chronic disease such as diabetes?
5. Which organs can be donated?
6. Can organ donation take place despite wearing glasses?
7. Do you know someone whose organs have been donated?
8. Can a person with cancer be an organ donor?
9. Do you know of a law in India recognizing brain death for organ donation?
10. Are you willing to an organ donor after death?
11. If you had to decide, would you agree to donate organs of a brain dead person you know?
12. Do you carry an organ donor card always to show that you are a registered organ donor?
13. Are you interested in getting more information on organ donation?
14. Do you know of a person close to your who has been advised a transplant.

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